Why should you choose Viniyoga as a yoga practice?

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It is a holistic health discipline that addresses the whole person (body, exhale, mind, behaviours, feelings, and spirit) holistically. Yoga tools such as Sana (body position and movement), pryma (breathing), mantra, Vedic chanting, meditation, and others are modified in this tradition to meet the needs of individuals and capabilities of each person. This discipline provides a broad range of tools to promote health, healing, and enabling personal development and transformation. viniyoga is a distinct approach to yoga that tailors various aspects of the practice to the person and encourages the connection between breath and movement.


Reconnecting with body and breath to make space for the mind to be independent and centred, regulating breath to relieve tension and anxiety, increasing suppleness, flexibility, and strength thru the Asana practice, ‘oiling’ and maintaining joints, and improving blood flow and lymphatic system.

Important distinctions

  • Breath-Movement Integration: It connects movement to the breath, making each movement more effective, mindful, and structurally integrated than non-breath-centred movement.
  • Use of Movement and Stay: Students enter and exit poses before remaining in them. The movement also aids in the reprogramming of habitual body movement, allowing students to move more essentially in non-yoga activities.
  • Adaptation: The aim is to obtain a pose’s purpose rather than its form. It means that the two students can strike the same pose but appear very different.


What distinguishes it is the careful attention to the relationship between breath and movement. It’s slow and delicate, but the depth and meditative. It advantages both young and old people because of its capacity to adjust to the student’s needs and abilities.

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