Signal booster

What is a cell phone signal booster?

Whenever we live in a place or we go to the place where our phone network is not working properly, then to deal with this problem a signal booster is introduced to the market. A mobile phone signal booster includes the amplifier which adds the power to our cell and helps it to maintain network signal. A cell signal booster increases a mobile signal directed by the tower nearby us and sends it to or from our mobile phone. This system is fundamentally a repeater structure that receives the signal of our mobile phone, intensifies it and rebroadcasts to the area which is near. It helps the phone user appropriately to hear the call when the signal is less. This system forms a wireless cellular boost up the network. It improves the signal strength and helps to hear clear sound in fewer network signals. There may be many reasons when your phone network is very less. Some of the scenarios explained by testing the cellular network coverage area come out. The result showed several reasons for fewer networks in mobile phones. Some of these are:

Signal booster

  • Distance between homes to the cellular tower: When the distance between the cellular towers to the home is too much then the reception of the signal is weak. This is the reason when you face the problem to hear the call clearly. The mobile phone received the signal strongest as you are closer to the mobile tower.
  • While travelling: When you are travelling anywhere then you may face the problem of receiving fewer networks on your mobile phone. While travelling you may sometime go through mobile tower nearly or sometime you may get away from it. This causes a problem in hearing the call.
  • Intrusions from the outdoor: Sometimes it is possible that few external intrusions affect the cellular network coverage. Phone signals are usually radio waves, congested a lot and it covers a huge distance to reach the mobile phone. Broadcasting of the cellular waves required clear way right to the tower, but some of the outside intrusions like buildings, hills, rain, snow etc. may affect the travelling of waves. In results, it weakens your mobile signals.
  • Intrusions from the inside: As the external intrusions affect the network in your mobile same as some of the internal intrusions also affect the mobile network. Things like bricklayers, glasses, and radiant barriers may affect the mobile signal.