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Diabetes is a disease which affects many individuals. Due to the harm it causes to a lot of cells and organ systems chronic diabetes is a significant source of disability and death. Over time it induces blood vessel disease which may result in heart attack and heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Additionally, it has effects on eyes the kidneys and the immune system, to mention only some other damaging effects of diabetes. Lots of folks start to wonder how to know if they have diabetes since it is so common and damaging. What are the signs of diabetes? This is a question that is crucial because the diabetes is caught, the better the possibility of preventing or diminishing the complications that could occur and treating it.

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The hallmark of diabetes is poorly controlled blood sugar glucose. The blood sugar level hovers through the day in a range. Insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, helps to reduce levels of sugar while other hormones and eating carbohydrates raise them. The balance between private endocrinologist singapore helps maintain glucose levels normal. As it should to reduce blood glucose levels, because insulin is not working there is an imbalance. The sugar stays high and goes up. This high degree of sugar in the blood is termed hyperglycemia.

There are when blood glucose levels are high. The most common are the three ‘P’s, polyphagia increased desire, polydipsia increased thirst and polyuria frequent urination. The high blood glucose causes the blood vessels to become thickened due to the sugar. The kidney which pulls water focusing body fluids and dehydrating the body also dumped in the urine sugar. The effect is that the body becomes urination and dehydrated increases. The brain causes a heightened feeling of hunger and thirst and senses the dehydration. Other symptoms that may occur with hyperglycemia include blurry vision, fatigue, dry mouth, dry or itchy skin and recurrent infections such as vaginal yeast infections, groin rashes and others, amongst others.