How can you protect yourself using Cyber Security?

There are a range of crime prevention measures you can follow to stop becoming a victim. But first let us discuss what a cyber stalker does and that a cyber stalker actually

Cyber Security

Five Quick Truths about Cyber Stalking

  • 65% of sufferers are women.
  • Women are more Concerned about the possibility of injury
  • Men who were cyber Stalked were more worried about harm to reputation and financial loss
  • 77% of girls were stalked by someone they knew.
  • Teenagers were most Likely to be harassed on social networking websites

Real life cyber stalking

The Guardian reported on the frightening case of Joanne. Joanne visited a notice board; the cyber stalker understood this and added some personal details that she would see, things like email and telephone number. Then comments about upgrades Joanne’s kids had posted on Facebook would look. The next stage involved the Cyber Security making allegations about Joanne and her husband, including that they were paedophiles and were involved in criminal actions on the job.

Physical attacks on Joanne’s car started, at this stage the offender was Arrested and charged with harassment – that the stalker was a casual acquaintance with a grudge.

About cyber stalking

  1. Contact the police and save some evidence you might have like texts, emails, Facebook messages and screenshots. Being cyber stalked could make you feel more vulnerable when going about your offline life.
  2. Stalking prevention products like personal alarms, digital peephole viewers or CCTV which can be seen on your smartphone might help you feel more comfortable once you are out and about.
  3. Contact one of the main stalking support groups that provide great aid and advice if you feel like you are being cyber stalked.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable with someone and think you could be a victim of stalking follow the

Ways to protect yourself from cyber stalking

  1. Protect yourself using Google alarms. Enter your name, email, telephone any other information you would like to track into Google Alerts. Once an alert is installed you will receive alert emails for new mentions of those details when they show up online.
  2. Purchase a voice recorder to record threatening voice mails or telephone conversations.
  3. Invest in a USB memory stick to back up important information in the event your cyber stalker gains access to your PC.
  4. Buy anti-virus applications; this is different to antivirus software.
  5. Shredding your paper documents is also an effective way of making sure no personal information can be obtained by your cyber stalker.
  6. For Extra safety invests in the best personal alarms or the first personal security program that is gained Police Preferred Specification.

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