Best Commercial Floor Waxing Method to Use

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Floor waxing is a process that removes loose and dulled surface material from floors, as well as providing protection. It can be done at home by homeowners or in commercial settings to save both parties time on various tasks. Furthermore, floor waxing done by commercial floor waxing service in Honolulu, HI eliminates dirt and grime that might be present on floors which might lead to reduced foot traffic. Here are the best commercial floor waxing methods for both beginners and experts alike-whether they have been in this industry for some time.

Steam Floor Waxing

Steam floor waxing is an efficient method for providing safety and longevity to floors while also helping with stain removal. The steam emitted by cutting machines eliminates most bacteria and contaminants on the floor, thus avoiding unhygienic conditions or infections. Furthermore, heat from the steam bonds dirt and grime that would not otherwise be affected.

Foam Floor Waxing

Foam floor waxing is an efficient, cost-effective method for eliminating dirt and grime from floors while also increasing their longevity. Foam particles can remove ingrained dirt in floors as well as buildup on wood subfloors. Furthermore, foam floor waxing reduces buildup on specific elements like vinyl or rubber mats.

Solvent-Based Floor Waxing Methods

Steam floor waxing can be effective, but not always practical when looking to make a quick profit. Furthermore, steam apparatus requires proper ventilation systems in order to prevent harsh conditions for both workers and customers alike; temperatures higher than 212 degrees Fahrenheit may have detrimental effects on customer environments as well as workers’ health.

There are now many solvent-based commercial floor wax methods available on the market which offer more practicality and convenience than steam methods; they can quickly apply and easily on floors in both commercial and residential settings alike.

Conventional Wax

For those just starting out in floor care, there are a variety of traditional wax flooring methods that may be used. These include standard application waxes, pre-pools, liquid waxes and other products designed to remove dirt and create an improved aesthetic. Not only do these remove staining but they also gently polish the surface for an improved shine.

Hot-Pour Wax

Hot-pour waxing is highly recommended in the cleaning industry due to its ease of application and quick removal. Pouring hot wax directly onto floors while they’re still warm helps seal in dirt and grime while improving their aesthetic appeal – perfect for both commercial and residential settings alike.

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